Health Department

Portfolio Councillor Gerald Okanee

Cell 639-480-4984

Doreen Day-Wapass

Health Director
Tel: 306-845-4330


Tanya Snakeskin

Tel: 306-845-4330
Fax: 306-845-2978


Donna Paskimin

Medical Transportation Coordinator
Cell: 306-845-7958

Ext: 445

Leona Snakeskin

LPN/Home Care


Ext: 435

Jenny Loosehorn

Homecare Nurse


Ext: 405

Vivian Paddy-Thomas

Community Health Rep, Aboriginal Diabetes, CPNP


Ext: 415



Community Health Nurse (RN)

Email:  N/A

Cellular: N/A

Ext: 410

 Theresa Horse

Home Care 


Ext: 435

 April Noon

LPN/Home Care




Shirleyann Thunderchild

Maternal Child Health 


Ext: 425

Linda Harris 



Ext: 456

Jennifer Jimmy

Medical Transportation Assistant


Ext: 445


Mental Health Therapist


Roddy Stonne

Mental Health Therapist


Ext: 470

Nicole Roy

Mental Health Therapist 


Ext: 470


Carol Masuskapoe



Karen McKay-Starr

Day care Coordinator

Ext: 450

Keith Bearboy

Health Maintenace



John Graham




Youth Sports and 

Recreational Center




Contact Information:

Thunderchild Department of Health

Box 744
Turtleford, SK, Canada
S0M 2Y0

Phone: 306-845-4330
Fax: 306-845-2978


To provide health services, daycare services, and youth, culture & recreation services to the membership of Thunderchild First Nation and other persons ordinarily resident on Thunderchild lands and to align with Thunderchild First Nation's vision, strategic planning, direction, and its reassertion of our treaty right to health to better serve the needs of the membership.


Under the guidance and protection of the Creator, Thunderchild Health will incorporate traditional and contemporary institutions in parallel to continuously improve our spiritual, physical, emotional and mental health & wellbeing of our membership.


To pursue self-sufficiency, and self determination where programs and services and partnerships are bridged and work collaboratively to support building healthy individuals, families, communities and the Cree Nation.


Ma na chi to win (respect)
Tapwe at si win (honesty)
Sa ki to win (love)
So ke mo win (courage)
Ta pah tayi mo win (humbleness)
Ki se wa ti si win (kindness)
Wa ko to win (kinship)

Programs & Services

  • Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative
  • Brighter Futures/Injury Prevention
  • Building Healthy Communities-Solvent Abuse
  • Building Health Communities - Mental Health
  • Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP)
  • Communicable Disease Control/Immunization
  • NIHB Community Dental Health Program
  • Oral Health Strategy
  • Community Health Services
  • Environmental Health-safe drinking water program
  • FASD
  • Home & Community Care- FNIH & INAC
  • Maternal Child Health
  • NIHB Medical Transportation
  • National Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy
  • Nursing Professional Education
  • Youth / Sport / Culture / Recreation
  • Awasis Nikan Youth Centre

The Ten Treaty Sticks

The First Stick represents the Treaty Agreement which was promised would last "for as long as the Sun Shines, the Rivers Flow and the Grass Grows"

The Second Stick represents the promise that the land used by the White people would only be the depth of a plough and nothing underneath.

The Third Stick represents a promise to provide for our people in place of the Buffalo.

The Fourth Stick represents the promise that Indians will continue to live way they have lived, by hunting. The wild life will belong to you because the Creator has left it as such.

The Fifth Stick represents the promise that the lakes, the water and the fish will be left for the Indian to use.

The Sixth Stick represents the promise of the fowl, the winged creatures will remain with you.

The Seventh Stick represent the promise that an Indian Agent (Indian Affairs) will be provided to help you.

The Eighth Stick represents a promise that you the people will get an education.

The Ninth Stick represents the promise that a Red Coat (Police Officer) will make sure that the Treaty Promises that we have made, are fulfilled.

The Tenth Stick represents the promise that the Indians would be provided with a Medicine Chest

(Elder JimKanepetew, Onion Cree Nation)

Jenny Loosehorn

Homecare Nurse


Contact Information

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 600
Turtleford, SK, Canada

Phone: 1 (306) 845-4300
Fax: 1 (306) 845-3230
Toll-free: 1 (866) 395-8888

Thunderchild Justice Program

This program was developed and established in 2001 through a tripartite agreement between the federal and provincial government and Thunderchild First Nation.The federal and provincial government allocates funds and Thunderchild deliver the services.

The three main areas of service are:

  • Alternative measures
  • Extra judicial Services
  • Community Justice Committee

The Justice Coordinator attends court in St. Walburg to be on hand to speak to alternative measures files, update on community service hours, etc. He is not the court worker as there is a court worker on hand who handles court cases for our Band Members.

Thunderchild Intoxicant By-Law

PDF document Intoxicant By Law 2013.pdf



Thunderchild Child First Nation/ Health Official Sponsor

All Graduates of Young Arrow Indian Relay Team