Thunder Farms

Thunderchild First Nation


About Us

Thunder Farms Ltd based on the Thunderchild First Nation in west central Saskatchewan is a wholly owned First Nation company.  It employees many community members and farms Reserve and TLE lands in the area.


Best practices

The company strives to develop good rapport, create and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers, financial institutions, other interested First Nations,  and applied indigenous customs and beliefs in its initial start-up and continues this in its operations.


Our People

“Thunderchild (also known as Peyasiw-Awasis or Kapitikow, Cree for “one who makes the sound”), Plains Cree chief (born 1849, likely along the South Saskatchewan River; died 29 June 1927 on the Thunderchild Reserve in Saskatchewan). Chief Thunderchild was a signatory to Treaty 6 in 1879. He was a strong defender of treaty rights and Indigenous land as well as traditional Cree lifeways. Thunderchild supported the right of every reserve on the Canadian Plains to have its own school.


Thunderchild’s reserve included some of the best farm land in the area. From 1902 onwards, rumours circulated that the Canadian government would sell it to settlers. After government officials and missionaries urged him to surrender the land in 1908, Thunderchild reluctantly agreed to negotiations. He voted to sell the reserve and use the proceeds to purchase land elsewhere.”



Many Band members speak Cree and the language is promoted and taught at the Piyesiw Awasis School.  The people in the community still practice and maintain their traditional customs and beliefs.


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We protect and preserve our culture, lands and waters.


Farming Operations

Thunder Farms currently farms 8,000 acres north of North Battleford and east of Lloydminster.  Thunder Farms is planning to expand to approximately 10,000 acres. The soil type in the area are classified as xxx.

The company utilizes a mixed farming model; purchases/leases new equipment, employees community members/ hires custom farming companies, leases land from the First Nation and governed by a Board. 



  • Wheat
  • Canola
  • Barley



John Wozniak Jr., Manager

Thunder Farms

Box 600

Turtleford, Sask. S0M 2Y0

Tel: 306 845 4300

Fax: 306 845 3230



John Noon, Chairman/President, Thunder Developments 306 845 7475

Linda Okanee, CEO, Thunder Developments 306 845 7798