Specific Claims

Congratulations to Ira Horse and Jonathon Jimmy who where successful in their application to become Community Trustees for the ThunderchildFirst Nation 1908 Surrender Trust Agreement. Their term of appointment runs from January 2011 toDecember 2014.

Special thanks to Charlie Paddy andShelley Angus for your past four years of commitment to the Trust. When Charlie’s and Shelley term ends onDecember 31, 2011, Chief and Council will be establishing a committee whose responsibilities willbe to solicit applications from Members who desire to be considered for the position of Community Trustee.In the end, the committee with make a written recommendation to council and council will appoint thenew trustees by way of Council Resolution. Please watch for the notice and consider applying to be a Trustee.

This past year has been busy for theTrustees. A Trust training day was held at the band office on June 18th , 2011. All Trustees andCouncillor James Snakeskin participated in a day of trust basics, investment basics and a review of the Thunderchild1908 Surrender Trust Agreement rules of administration.

The Trustees then met again on October 1, 2011, in order to discuss possible amendments to the trust in order to improve the administration andbroaden the investment options. Finalized recommendations to follow, after a review by the trustlawyer and accountant.

After duly convened meetings of theTrustees, the flowing quarterly income distributions were completed to the Band Income and Education Accounts.

Thunderchild General Account

First quarter income $292,512.49

Second Quarter income $388,623.00

Third Quarter income $270,062.00

Thunderchild Additions to Reserve Account

First quarter income $23,353.47

Second Quarter income $34,840.00

Third Quarter income $21,620.00

Thunderchild Education Account

First quarter income $54,315.62

Second Quarter income $73,726.00

Third Quarter income $45,936.00

Stock markets around the world havebeen very volatile in 2011. This main reason for this is the confusion over the debt situation in Europe,especially in Greece and Italy. There are concerns that if these countries can not pay back their debts,it could result in a severe shock to the European banking system. This would be the same issue thatcaused the financial meltdown in North America in 2008.

Thunderchild First Nation has anInvestment Policy Statement (“IPS”) that defines the financial goals and objectives of the First Nation. The IPSensures that the Trustees and Investment Manager (Ridgewood) take a long term view to the markets,and not focus on short term market fluctuations.

This has allowed Ridgewood to structurea portfolio of assets that produce a great deal of income each quarter, whether the markets go up ordown. Thunderchild can budget for these income streams and carry on with the funding of itsvarious programs.

As at November 15, 2011, the account balances were as follows:

Education Account $5,380,866

Reserve Account $2,524,289

General Account $31,807,840

Effective this year the Trustees will be sending out a semi annual newsletter to membership.

We hope you will find this of interest.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the Members of Thunderchild

Charlie Paddy, Shelley Angus, Ira Horse,Jonathon Jimmy, Community Trustees

Georgina Villeneuve, MBA MTI, AVP TrustService, Peace Hills Trust

Jeff Frketich, CFA, VP, Ridgewood Capital Asset Management