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  Bralin Technology Solutions
Information Technology/Network Information Technology

The Technology Department’s mission is to build and maintain a technology infrastructure that will facilitate and enhance the teaching, learning and working efforts of the faculty, staff and students of Thunderchild First Nation.


  1. Utilize technology to enhance communication throughout Thunderchild First Nation.
  2. Explore and incorporate new technologies.
  3. To create a stable human and technological infrastructure.
  4. To prepare technology graduates with the skills to succeed at higher academic levels and/or allow them to compete in a global career market
  5. To create an atmosphere of technological environment that enhances and supports opportunities for the community
  6. To promote consistent, standardized learning and working technology environments
  7. To promote an environment that is secure and ethical

Contact Information
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 600
Turtleford, SK, Canada

Phone: 1(306) 845-4300
Fax: 1 (306) 845-3230
Toll-free: 1(866) 395-8888