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Our goal is to best prepare our students to be contributing and thriving citizens of Thunderchild First Nation and anywhere their travels and dreams take them in the world. By doing this, we aim to provide the highest standard of education to our students by ensuring they receive the best possible academic, cultural and athletic experience.

In order to obtain this goal, we focus on our teachers and ensure that their professional development parallels and exceeds best practices so our children are the primary beneficiaries of a quality education.

The formative years of our children are key focal points for the education team here at Thunderchild. As a result, we acknowledge the importance of early childhood development and the critical role this plays in the long-term growth and success of our students.


We are proud to be a First Nation school that incorporates family, culture and language into our curriculum as we assist our students in embracing their identity.

We belong to a Cree Nation that continues to practice and promote our language, culture and identify in the each facet of daily life. We hold our Elders in high esteem and look to them for leadership in every aspect of our lives.

We practice the virtues as taught by our Elders and rely on the Creator for strength and guidance in all things.

We are accountable to our Chief and seven Councillors through our Director of Education.



My name is Nancy Clarke and I am from Newfoundland where my parents and brother reside. My father's family lineage stems from Scotland before moving to Newfoundland and my mother’s family from the Conne River First Nation (Mi'kmaq). My family is slowly regaining their culture that was denied to them.  My family is reconnecting by attending cultural events such as Pow Wow’s, etc.


I started my education journey at the Memorial University of Newfoundland where I obtained my Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Sociology and English as well as my Bachelor of Education. After I completed my degree I moved to Northern Saskatchewan where I started my teaching adventure that led me to become principal/director of the two schools. During my teaching I started my Masters with Concordia University in literacy. After completing half my degree I decided to change focus and I applied to the University of Calgary. And I am currently working on finishing my Masters in Mental Health and Counseling.


My philosophy on education is that all children deserve to have access to an equal opportunity to the best education possible. Children have a right to know their language, their identity, and where they come from so they become confident, respectful, individual citizens who will become future leaders. 



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The staff at Piyesiw Awasis School are valuable assets who contribute to the development and growth of our Nation's future leaders. Below you will find a list of the important staff members who are currently playing an instrumental role in shaping our future here at Thunderchild First Nation:


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