Jackie Starr  

Band Citizenship Clerk

1 (306) 845-4300


Contact Information
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 600
Turtleford, SK, Canada

Phone: 1 (306) 845-4300
Fax: 1 (306) 845-3230
Toll-free: 1 (866) 395-8888

Application Process- Citizenship

The Thunderchild First Nation is responsible for determining their membership and has its own Citizenship Act. Under the Act, in order to be eligible for Citizenship an individual must:

  • Complete an application for Citizenship for self and/or on behalf of a minor;
  • An adult, or an adult on behalf of a minor, requesting transfer from a different Nation must provide a letter stating why they wish to transfer along with the completed application; and
  • Once applications are completed and signed they will be submitted to the Citizenship Committee for their consideration.

The Citizenship Committee members are as follows

  • Maria (Katherine) Horse;
  • Brenda Lewis;
  • James Standingwater;
  • Joseph Thunderchild;
  • William (Billy) Wapass; and
  • Elder Edith Paskimin

Application Process for Certificate of Indian Status (CIS) Cards

In order for a CIS card to be processed one must first make an appointment with the clerk.

For same day processing, all applicants must be willing to wait at least half hour to an hour in order for the process to be completed. The process entails completion of the application form, matching the identification provided with the information in the Indian Register, processing of photo and completion of card for signature.

Any of the two following forms of identification are acceptable for processing an application:

  • Birth, Baptism Certificate;
  • Driver's License;
  • Valid Canadian Passport;
  • Employee, student ID with digitized photo;
  • Firearms license;
  • Old status card; and
  • Health card

Parents must sign for applicants twelve years of age and younger.

Under extraordinary circumstances, where the applicant has no identification, the clerk may issue a CIS based solely on their knowledge of the applicant’s identity and must be willing to complete and sign a Guarantor Form on behalf of the applicant.

Click below to download PCD forms

Individual Form

Form with Dependents