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Portfolio Report

As of December 2010, there were several outstanding issues that needed to be dealt with right away. The issues that needed to be remedied were; communication, shortage of Educational Assistants, Cultural Program, high school courses, transportation and NNEC.

Communication is such the foundation to any organization. In order to rectify this matter, there was a change in Administration, Guidance Counselor and Teachers. As the staff of Piyesiw Awasis builds trust and authentic relationships, communication will improve.

The lack of Educational Assistants needed to be fixed immediately. These Educational Assistants were hired to meet the needs of students in the Special Education Program. Almost all Educational Assistants are band members. With the guidance from Administration and classroom teachers, these Educational Assistants work hard to push for excellence with their positions.

Our Culture Program needed to reflect the culture and traditions of Thunderchild First Nation. The kind of changes made to the program was alternating male and female elders in the school. In the past, there was only one Elder in residence at the school. We believe that every Elder has wealth of knowledge in different areas of our culture and traditions. By having different Elders in our school, our students will get the proper balance of knowledge that is lacking in our youth today.

The way that education in the high school is heading today, students entering the high school years need to be planning ahead of time. Students need to know what they want to be after they graduate from high school. The proper selection of classes and current student portfolios is being established at the school. For students to be successful in all their classes, teachers and the guidance counselor must work closely with them. The teachers do this by being planned for classes and set a tone conducive to learning. The guidance counselor monitors the students by showing them the right classes to take and continuously build the student portfolios. In the past, student’s information was not being entered with the Ministry of Education; therefore students were not getting the credits they worked hard for. Also, some students were taking classes twice. The school is working hard to make sure this never happens to another student again. By building their skills and knowledge; the students will be contributing members of our community.

Another area of change in Education is transportation. Currently, 3 out of 4 busses are owned by the band. This was not the case for some years. As the ownership of privately owned busses switched to mainly band owned busses, the opportunity of employment is open to all community members. The school currently owns 6, 15 passenger vans. All vans were inspected and brought up to safety standards. As this is the main transportation for school teams, the need to make them road worthy was extremely important.

We have also allocated the Summer Games maintenance truck to the school for it was greatly needed.

The Thunderchild First Nation had aggregated with Northwest Nation Education Council in 2010 to provide the second level services to the school. In reviewing the agreement with NNEC there was issues that were identified and lacking to the services for Thunderchild First Nation. For the best interest for Thunderchild First Nation Education on December 21, 2012 Thunderchild First Nation members voted to terminate the agreement with NNEC.

Keep in mind that we will always act on the best interest of our Community School to bring services that will meet what Thunderchild First Nation needs.

Thank you,

Councilor Delores Thunderchild


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Youth Sports / Recreation /Culture

Most important issue we dealt with was reallocating funding back to this department for there was no funding that was set from the last fiscal year in 2010. This department was unable to assist in any capacity to sponsorship or donations to youth sports.

The Youth Sports/Recreation/Culture criteria changes have been made to ensure equality is given to all youth when making application for sponsorship. (The YSRC criteria can be viewed below.)

We are also in the process on making application to F.S.I.N Youth Sports Board of Directors that Thunderchild First Nation would like to have their own representation for First Nations Games. Due to the fact that we are independent band Onion Lake Cree Nation represents Thunderchild at F.S.I.N Youth Sports Board of Directors meetings. Thunderchild First Nation does not hold a seat right now but is not able to vote on motions being made. We are moving forward on making the application to ensure that Thunderchild First Nation youth are giving more opportunities in the sports world.

We have also allocated a 15 passenger van to this department to transport youth to their sporting events.

Youth Sports/Recreation/Culture is a very important department for our youth of Thunderchild First Nation and I assure you we are working hard on establishing sports programming that targets all youth in our community.

Awasisak Nikan Youth Centre

The Awasisak Nikan Youth Centre also had funding issues to sustain programming and staffing due to lack of funding. We have also allocated funding towards the Awasisak Nikan Youth Centre and proposals that we submitted in have been approved from BATC CDC for programming and for two Youth Workers. Another proposal has been submitted infor a Skate Park for our youth that will be coming soon.

We also receive funding from Kanaweymik Child & Family Services which they pay for 1 salary for a Youth worker. They also allocate extra funding for youth activities and outings that the Awasisak Nikan Youth Centre schedules in.

We are doing everything we can to get the Awasisak Nikan Youth Centre up and running with the existing programs, activities, Little Warrior and Little Plume Society Cultural Camps as they were before.

The Awasisak Nikan Youth Centre also now has 5 new computers that were donated from Northwest Education Council.

Awasisak Nikan Youth Centre can also now open Fast Food Concession which was allocated from the Summer Games 2011.

Would like to thank you for your patience and I assure you that we are doing everything we can to provide adequate services to our youth of Thunderchild First Nation.

Thank you,

Councilor Delores Thunderchild