Chief Delbert Wapass


  • Housing & Public Works
  • Economic Development
  • Thunder Oil (including Oil & Gas)
  • Band Membership Assistance
  • Outfitting

Oil & Gas

At the time I took office, there were negotiations going on between our Nation and Conquer Energy.

After reviewing the offer that Conquer Energy had presented, Council decided to reopen the negotiations in an effort to attain what is rightfully our entitlement. We felt that the offer as it was being presented was not a fair offer. Conquer Energy, decided to back away and we continued on with a new company, Tonare Energy.

We reached agreement with Tonare and drilled the first two wells on our lands at White Buffalo. I am happy to report that both wells were successful.

Thunder Oil

Thunder Oil was in effect “non-existent” when we took office; the corporation documents had not been filed and consequently it had been struck from the corporate registry.

We proceeded to place a temporary Board and have applied for re-instatement, that process should be complete within the month.

Husky Energy

TCFN was embroiled in a dispute with Husky Energy, when I took office, the dispute was that Husky refused to pay let alone acknowledge they had an obligation to pay band levies imposed upon them by our Nation. This levy is in relation to taxes that they would pay any municipal government if they were operating within their respective jurisdiction.

We not only initiated discussions on the matter, but we reached a settlement without going through any legal battle.


When we came into office, again there was some housecleaning that had to be done, and is still ongoing. A lot of the issues are not easily resolved and still require more time to get cleaned up.


There were several outstanding issues that had to be dealt with; namely there were no submissions made to Revenue Canada at anytime during its existence, this cost us several thousand dollars to resolve. There was also a matter of addressing charges laid against TEFS because of an incident at L & M Wood products in Glaslyn. We had to hire a lawyer for litigation to ensure that our Nation was protected from any liabilities. I am pleased to say that we were successful in having the charges dropped.

Now we are still working on updating records for the people that were employed by TEFS so that they have an opportunity to apply for Employment Insurance. It seems that while they were being deducted, there were no records being maintained nor was there any submissions being made, as is required, to Canada.

Moonlight Bay Store

There were issues on the status of the store in terms of who was responsible for its operation; not just day to day but for the overall, including taxes, reserve creation etc. We have pushed hard to get it to reserve status and are now just “catching up” to the property taxes which have to be cleared before it can be converted to reserve. Barring any unforeseen issues, this should happen quickly and then we can start benefitting from tax free fuel and tobacco.

Going forward

During the election I heard many people say they wanted more services on the reserve and am pleased to say that we are close to opening a second convenience store, which will also serve the Oil and Gas sector by having available supplies for them.

Also, we are currently in talks with a major grocery chain to hopefully open a grocery store on our reserve.

I want to thank you all for your support and patience and I assure you we are working hard, getting our community together and thriving again.

Thank you,

Chief Delbert Wapass