Why we Refuse to Sign the Contribution Funding Agreement


1.  We refuse to commit Fraud. We won’t conspire with the Minister to commit deception and fraud. The Minister wants to impose unacceptable conditions on us, but wants us to sign off so it will look like we agree. We refuse to engage in this fraud.


2. We reject “Take It Or Leave It” demands. We won’t accept a “take it or leave it” imposition on our dignity and our rights and put our signature on it to make it looks like we are happy with it.


3. We refuse to sell our Treaty for money. Our relationship with Canada is set out in our Sacred Treaty. We are owed compensation for our land and our resources. We refuse to write off that debt for a meager hand-out.


4. We refuse to become our own Indian Agents and administer our own poverty. It is recorded the Treaty Commissioners told us, “You will be richer than the whiteman”. Now they want us to agree to accept less than our neighbours.


5. We refuse to sign away our dignity. We refuse to make it look like we are happy to receive less, what ever amount the federal government decides to give us.


6.  We refuse to be second-class. We refuse to accept less than the province gives our neighbours from OUR own resources. Last year, Saskatchewan received royalties of $706-million from potash and $1.6-billion from oil. How did they get the right to our resources?


7. We refuse to be coerced. We refuse to be victims of the Minister’s coercion: no signature and he takes away our rights to govern ourselves and puts us under Third Party Management without authority of law.


8. We are victims of robbery and now we are told to make do with less. We refuse to be continuously robbed of our resources and lands and then told we have to make do with less. Population grows, prices go up, revenues go down and our liabilities increase. Programs common among our neighbours are eliminated for us. We refuse to sign any document which pretends we have no rights.


9. We refuse to sign because we are tired of playing “Let’s Pretend”. We are tired of this charade we are forced to play every March 31st. Let the Minister administer our poverty and take full responsibility for it. 


10. We refuse to sign away our self-respect. We are tired of being asked to accept disrespect and unfair treatment that no Canadian would ever accept. 


11. We refuse to sign until our Treaty Relationship with the Crown is restored. Our Treaty is a sacred covenant that was meant for all parties – including the settlers – to share, prosper and guarantee a future for those yet unborn. We must restore the long-term mutually beneficial relationship that recognized and established our rights as the First Peoples of this land.


12. We refuse to sign an agreement to accept colonial double-standards that treat us as incompetent.  The day before Treaty, we had everything and the Crown had nothing - Nothing. We consented to share lands for immigration and settlement. Period. We are prepared to negotiate fiscal arrangements which recognize these indisputable historical and legal facts. 



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Thunderchild 1st Nation Seeks Injunction

Despite the clear guidance from the Elders regarding a project in an area adjacent to the Sundance grounds, we have had to follow a precedent set by previous leadership and resort to an outside court process as a result of the insistence of a few people who choose not to respect the direction we received from our Elders.  

As the Council of the Thunderchild First Nation, we will continue to uphold our customs and traditions and respect the guidance given by our Elders
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